Drop the pounds
Tone the legs
Save the joints

Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes are low impact shoes that absorb up to 80% of the shock of jumping while allowing users to burn up to 20% more calories.

They are user for  Aerobics , Running & Walking


From $179 for Children up to 110 lbs
From $229 for adults up to 200 lbs.
From $299 for adults over 200 lbs

Fitness Classes

From $15 for Shoe owners
Call for private classes and for training

The Rebound Shoes

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are available for children and adults. 

The Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness classes are available with these rebound shoes. They shoes are provided for the classes

Pictures & Videos

Click here to see examples of all the fun and usage


 Rebound exercise is the most effective and efficient form of exercise yet devised by man

Albert E. Carter (Confirmed by NASA)


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